Thank you for viewing my Yavapai College Portfolio. This material reflects my work and experience since fall 2012 teaching four flavors of biology. Included are Biology Concepts, Environmental Biology, Human Biology, and Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology. Prior to that time, since 1992, I had the opportunity to teach still a greater variety of biology courses. To see detailed lesson plans, visit joanneoellers.com, the Web site I call Symbiosis, holding most of the content I make available to my students. Here is a little of what we do.

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Biology Field Trips and Labs

  • 2013

Page Springs Fish Hatchery. At Page Spring Fish Hatchery, we learned about the complex business of rearing trout. Our tour included seeing how the tanks are monitored for oxygen and temperature and how that related to our study of limiting factors.


Page Springs Fish Hatchery

Riverfront Park. Our field trip to Riverfront Park showed us the variety of macroinvertebrates (visible with naked eye, no backbone) in the water. Their presence indicated fair-to-good water quality in the reach we sampled.


Riverfront Park

DNA Isolation, Polymerase Chain Reaction, and Gel Electrophoresis. Detecting genetically-modified foods involved three lab periods. To determine the presence of glyphosate (trade name, Roundup), we isolated DNA, performed polymerase chain reactions (a DNA amplifying process) on the samples, and then put them through gel electrophoresis. The electrophoresis sorted out the DNA fragments producing the banding pattern shown here. The glyphosate (Roundup)-resistant gene was present in some of our samples.

Gel Electro 1 crop








Field Sampling Techniques Lab. Students formed groups and used two different vegetation sampling techniques, quadrat and line intercept. After they collected data on numbers of species “captured” for each technique. We discussed which worked best and what could be changed in the future to sample an area for the best representation of the actual number of species present.

Students Sampling

Students Sampling Using Quadrat

Students Sampling

Students Sampling Using Line Intercept